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The Season/ Carry Me – Anderson.Paak

MartinNBT My 1s thought was, ‘he gets this mostly right’ my second thought was, ‘I am only one sentence into this, and I am already damning it with faint praise’.  But after consideration, ‘mostly right’ is an absolutely remarkable achievement, given what is being attempted here.  I came into both .Paak and this album fairly…Continue reading »

All In – The La Fontaines

Released June 2019        From Album:  Junior                      Label:  SO Recordings Written by:  The La Fontaines   Reached Number 33 in UK Charts, Number 2 in Scotland Sparky There’s a line near the beginning of this song:        “You wanna hear the story?  Well I can tell lots/ Said she liked rap, but never from the Scots” It…Continue reading »

Jungle -Tamy Stevens featuring Oswin Benjamin

Jungle -Tamy Stevens featuring Oswin Benjamin  Released:  10 March 2020        Writer: Stevens/Benjamin  Label: Indie  From the Album “The InBetween Part 1” MartinNBT Going into this discussion, please allow me, good sir, to make some seemingly unrelated points in a ramble I like to call “man! This song excites me!”  1) I found this track via…Continue reading »